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About Website Links Count Checker

Website Links Count Checker Tool will count the number of outgoing links or URLs on a given page and display results. This tool could be useful for link exchange purposes, as you should not trade links with pages with too many outgoing links. It is recommended not to trade links with pages that have over 100 links. This tool is generally used to know the number of outgoing links that are on a particular website. The method is very simple and easy, just enter the URL in the textbox and hit enter.


Why you should use our online website links count checker tool?

The main reason behind the use of SEO tools is to get accurate results so that major steps can be taken to improve the quality of a website. Any wrong details provided by SEO tools can lead to unnecessary costs as the website owner will try to remove the issue. So, it’s better to use the website links count checker tool by Sapnaaz Elite Tools as it provides the most accurate results rather than any other tool. Moreover, our tool is easy to use and is capable of providing results in a fraction of seconds. In order to use our tool, a user needs to submit the domain name and as a result, our tool will show the total number of internal links and external links present. Finding these links can prove to be quite useful while running an SEO campaign.

You can use the Links Count Checker for a wide range of purposes, one being to check for the external links that are linking back to your website pages and to ensure their quality. As you may already know, it is not good for SEO to publish excessive outgoing links for example. The tool looks up the number of links present on your website that leads to another page on the web. If you have a website that lets your users publish their content and leave links to other website pages, the Links Count Checker is good to use. You can count the exact number of links present on your website, including outgoing and incoming links. Web Hosting $3.95