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About Website Screenshot Generator

Website Screenshot Generator, simply type in the complete URL of any site in the box and press Enter. Our tool will quickly take a screenshot of the live website and display it to the user. To download the screenshot, press the "Take Screenshot" button. This is the Website Screenshot Generator, a tool for letting you generate a screenshot on any web page before you or your users could click it. A useful, innovative tool, this screenshot generator is for you if you would like to increase the click-through rate, traffic and stickiness of your website. Your users can visualize your website page before they can click it so that they will have an idea on what to see and expect before actually visiting it. Our Website Screenshot Generator has so far created thousands of screenshots of web pages. These screenshots have been used by website owners and marketers alike who are interested in increasing their traffic. So if you are the owner of a website and would like to increase the amount of people who visit your web page by uploading the created screenshots to image sharing sites, it’s as easy as using our on demand tool.

What is Screenshot Capture Tool?

This tool is offered by the Sapnaaz Elite Tools and is the most used tool to take website screenshot by bloggers and many users. It is automated, fully reliable and easy to use the tool. You need to show your website screenshots to your users but do not know how you can do it then try this tool that will generate site snapshot in bulk or unlimited and show it to users.

Why would one like Website Screenshot Generator?

Taking Screenshots could be the commonest task we have a tendency to do one day after day, it might be available handy a lot if you run a diary, or work as a guest blogger otherwise you have a Pinterest board to pin pictures. Captured pictures may be a lot helpful on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest etc.

How to Screenshot on Windows?

Using the screenshot taker on Windows is the same as doing it on any other device. The only difference may be that your browser has a different interface. Otherwise, the options are the same, and the screenshot maker works the same way. Web Hosting $3.95