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About Domain Age Checker

A domain is that the particular address of your website. It’s unique and no two addresses can’t be equivalent. It’s also referred to as an internet address or URL which is employed to locate your website on the web. Every name has its specific features and specifications i.e some domains are particularly for organizations with “.org” extensions, some domains are specifically used for a specific country, for e.g “.uk” or “.ae” for the united kingdom and Australian domain names respectively.

A domain name is often secure which is within the format of HTTPS( hypertext transfer protocol secure) or it is often non-secure also within the format of HTTP( hypertext transfer protocol)

Whenever you visit an internet site, do check it’s secure or not. Non-secure websites are often dangerous for your device.

Every name features a particular age, the tenure that it’s been actively performing on the web. Whether visitors are visiting or getting any viewership if it’s available under your belt, it might be considered a lively name. you've got purchased a website name that's almost 4 years old but you've got forgotten its exact age, what’re the right thanks to checking it out?

That’s where the utilization of domain age checker comes in. the simplest domain age checker I even have been using thus far is


How to use the Domain Age Checker tool?

The use of a basic domain age checker tool isn't stressful. It only requires the URL of your website. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit and you'll be redirected to the domain age checker tool.

Step 2: A dialogue box is going to be shown on the screen which says to enter the URL or domain of your website.

Step 3: Just follow the instructions and enter or copy that web address or domain of your website within the dialogue box.

Step 4: Finally, hit the “submit” button and await the results to be displayed.

The results are going to be displayed during a box showing the name, domain age, domain created date, expiry date, and total age of that domain.


Why use the Domain Age Checker tool?

The use of a website age checker is important for those running multiple blogs at one time. They don’t have time to see and track each domain manually and wish a software-based tool or an assistant for these sorts of works. The assistant would charge them tons for the services and it is often unbearable while the free software-based services are often an excellent alternative for that. you would like to make an excel file and replica the report of all domain names during a file. it might assist you out save some time, money, and energy.

There are various tools available on the web which only display their age but the tool mentioned above has provided me an excellent working experience with an in-depth report.

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