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About Google Index Checker

Quickly check how many pages you have indexed in Google with the Google Indexed Pages Checker. Webmaster generally uses the Google Index Checker tools to quickly access the statistics of the specific URLs and the number of web pages that Google is able to crawl or index while seeing the particular website. Google Index Checker tool on Sapnaaz Elite Tools comes with some of the valuable information stats that you manage at your fingertips. It is just a matter of seconds to check the Google Index stats of multiple websites at a time. With this tool, you will quickly know that Google has indexed one of your web pages. Please enter your web page URL in the box below and click on the "Check Google Index!" button to submit. Google index checker tool is used to check if a URL is indexed in Google or not. It could also be used to check the total number of pages of a specific website that are listed in search results.

Why you should use our online Google index checker tool?

The Google index tool provided by Sapnaaz Elite Tools is the most powerful tool and the main features which make it different from other Google index checker tools provided by other websites are its speed and accuracy. Our tool allows the user to check the results of 20 domains at a time whereas another website tool allows checking only two or three domains. In order to use our user-friendly tool, a user simply needs to enter the details of the domain name and our tool will check the access of each and every page of all the domain names by Google. As a result, our tool will show the total number of pages accessed by Google in every domain.

How to Google index your website quickly?

  • Produce fresh and quality content for your users and don't forget to create offsite content like guest posting, press releases, and submissions to blog directories.
  • If your site is new, then it may take 2-3 days or even a week for Google to index your site's posts. But even if it does not index your site's pages, you can use 'Crawl as Google' in Google Webmaster Tools to index your website within some minutes only.
  • Create a sitemap for your website. It is an XML file on your site's server that lists each page on your site. If you don't know about sitemap, you can use our Free XML Sitemap generator. After you have created the sitemap, don't forget to submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Share your website links to your social media profiles and social pages. Web Hosting $3.95