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About Keyword Density Checker

Keyword density is straightforward to understand and essential for a blogger to know. you would like to rank a blog, have a keyword density checker in your toolbox. Although there are various keyword density checker tools available on the web, the simplest tool I like to recommend using is, just click on the link and you’ll be redirected to the website.

The keyword density tool is employed to see the entire word repetition during a particular article or blog. for instance, your article contains the word “density” 10 times so it'll display 10 ahead of this word, and therefore the percentage used for this particular word. an equivalent case goes for all included words in a piece of writing. With the utilization of the above-mentioned tool, you'll see the leads to the subsequent format.

In the first box, the URL of the website and therefore the total words of a piece of writing are going to be displayed.

In the second box, the list of all used and repeated keywords would be shown.


How keyword density is calculated?

The keyword density is typically displayed within the sort of a percentage or ratio. On the keyword density is displayed within the sort of percentage with the entire number of times a specific keyword is employed.

Keyword density is calculated by dividing a specific count of words repeated in a piece of writing by the entire number of words of a piece of writing.

Let’s say your article has 1500 words and therefore the word “density” is repeated 10 times so just divide 10 by 1500 and the density is going to be shown within the sort of a percentage.


How to use the Keyword density tool?

Step 1: Visit, and you'll be redirected to the tool.

Step 2: A dialogue box is going to be shown on the screen which says to enter your website URL or name.

Step 3: As per the instruction, enter the name of your website therein the dialogue box.

Step 4: Hit the submit button and await the results. The results are going to be displayed during a box that shows the list of words utilized in a piece of writing with the amount of repetitions per word and therefore the percentage of words repeated.

It will display keywords within the sort from the greater percentage to the lower percentage of keywords repetition.


Why use the Keyword Density Tool?

Well, the utilization of the keyword density tool makes your work easier. Without the utilization of this tool, needless to say, you'd be doing this task manually which may be a hectic job. Calculation of the entire number of keywords utilized in a piece of writing with counting each repeated word can take up your hours.

The tool has been introduced for bloggers to assist them to call at making their writings look outstanding and professional.

With the assistance of this tool, one can save time and energy and may feel productive with the development in work efficiency also.

As per my opinion, this tool is needless to say a present for all bloggers and writers who are professional or newbie writers, all can take help with this tool to form their writing look impressive. Web Hosting $3.95