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About Keyword Position Checker

You own an internet site or a blog and you would like to see where your website stands within the search results, a keyword position checker is that the best fit for you because it allows you to know the precise positioning of your website on a specific keyword.

Whenever you perform SEO of your website, you eagerly await to urge your website ranked but you can’t find it where it ranks, you manually check it on all pages which sounds to be time-consuming, here comes the utilization of this great invention, the keyword position checker which automatically checks the ranking of your website on a specific keyword within a moment.


A lot of free tools are available on the web but the simplest tool I like to recommend is, it's the power to research your website faster and provides you an in-depth report of your website ranking on the idea of a specific keyword.

Great, you've got now reached the tool, now find out how to use it effectively.


How does the keyword position checker work?

So simple it's that even a child could easily use it without hesitation and challenges,

Just follow the steps below and you'll definitely gonna know the simplest and effective use of keyword position checker on

Step 1: Visit you'll see two dialogue boxes with one choice box on your screen.

Step 2: Type the name of your website within the respective dialogue box, knowing that an internet site name acts as a web address of your website. for instance, you write content about animals so you would possibly have a website name as or related.

Step 3: Within the next dialogue box, type the keywords on which you've got to see the ranking of your website, it'll show the ranking of your website consistent with each keyword which suggests multiple rankings are going to be shown to you consistently with each keyword.

Step 4: In my opinion, this is often the foremost important step. during this step, you've got to settle on the number of searches to seek out your selected keyword.


For example, you would like to see if your website is within the top 50 searches so you've got to pick 50 if you would like to see the ranking of your website within the top 100 so you'll select 100 then on as per your choice.

You are now only one step away to urge the ranking of your website.

Wait, this is often the last and most vital step as most people can’t but you are doing. The wait is simply for a couple of seconds and you'll get the results.


Why Keyword Position Checker?

Have you checked manually the position of your keyword?

Have you calculated the time it took for that whole process?

Yeah, now I feel you bought to the purpose, Keyword position checker helps you analyze the content automatically with none detailed research and it also saves your precious time.


What magic the keyword research tool does?

Well, this is often an inquiry engine optimization ranking tool that let us know where your site stands in program results, mostly the program used is Google.

So why this information is vital for you?

Yeah, this is able to assist you to call at checking your website within the search results, if your website ranks first on the search of best animals, congratulations, you win the match and have successfully ranked and checked your site ranking, whereas if your website ranks on 100th result, it'll show up 100 on the given keyword.


And that is that the only reason this information is vital for you.

What if you aren’t satisfied with the ranking of your website, you want to follow these given steps to best possibly rank your website the search results.

Post the content regularly on your website, it'll assist you to rank faster with more keywords, as consistency is that the key to success, you won’t get results overnight, twiddling my thumbs and being consistent for better results.
Create quality backlinks, it'll assist you in generating more views during a short time, understand that networking is such a lot important for the expansion of your website, network with top bloggers particularly in your niche and that they will offer you the standard backlink which will assist you bent grow.
Do proper keyword research, because the only thanks to getting recognized during a particular keyword by the program, is doing the simplest keyword research. If you write content about top animals so find the keywords with less competition and better audience search therefore the program could know you during a particular keyword. Remember that don’t spam a keyword else your blog is going to be banned by Google and won’t be shown in search results.
Do SEO audit regularly, it'll assist you bent check where your site stands and you'll be ready to make further strategies to grow and rank your blog or website.
By following these all steps there's an excellent chance to urge ranked in google search results, and if you're successful in ranking your blog, CONGRATULATIONS! Web Hosting $3.95