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Server Status Checker

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About Server Status Checker

Server computer or device provides functionality to other devices or computers which are referred to as clients. Each client’s PC is connected to one server where the entire program is hosted. The host PC is understood as a server. Each server is either in running condition or closed which is represented by a special status code. Whenever the signals of a server are low- we call it “server down”. A server status checker is introduced to see the present status of a specific website’s host. There are various server-status checkers are available on the internet- the simplest server status checker I like to recommend to be used is

Each server-status features a specific code wont to identify its current status or operations. The series of codes has 2xx, 1xx, and more. Each code number features a different identification.

200 code is employed to allow you to know that the site’s server is currently active. These server status codes are most ordinarily referred to as HTTP codes that are hypertext transfer protocol. Which tells you if the website is currently operational, deactivated, or under construction.

How to use Server status checker?

As you all know the server status checker is employed to see the HTTP status of a specific webpage, which sounds technical but in actual it isn’t.

The use of a server status checker is straightforward and requires fewer or no technical knowledge. Just follow the steps.

Step 1: Visit, and you'll be redirected to the tool directly.

Step 2: A dialogue box is going to be shown on the screen which says to enter the links of these websites you would like to see. You can enter 100 links for various websites or sites at one time. The links must be entered in multiple lines for the right output.

Step 3: As per the instructions, just enter the link/s of website/s that you would like the status to be checked.

Step 4: Just hit the “submit” button and await the result to be displayed.

The results are going to be displayed within the sort of a table during which the headings and therefore the results are displayed. it'll display the location name, HTTP code of an internet site, HTTP status of an internet site, the reaction time of an internet site, and therefore the status of the website.

If the status is shown online then the website survives the web.

Why Use The Server Status Checker?

A server status checker is employed to see the status of an internet site. Mostly, website owners and bloggers use this tool to see the status of their own websites or blogs, whenever, an internet site stops running, the server status is been checked by this server status checker tool.

It saves your energy and time by checking the status within a moment and causes you to produce in order that you'll use that energy and time doing other prior tasks. Since various tools are available on the web but a number of them are of no use. the simplest server status checker tool I like to recommend use are often found at Web Hosting $3.95