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About Word Counter

We have been through tons of challenges while counting the entire number of words in our essays, passages, articles, and blogs, some software isn’t accurate and a few need the premium version to be purchased. These issues have now been resolved by the introduction of an easy word counter by, just click on the press so you'll directly reach bent an easy word counter. This tool neither requires a premium version nor it’s inaccurate, this tool would be the simplest for all newbies and beginners.

Word counter may be a tool to compute the entire number of words during a passage written. it's designed generally for bloggers, content writers, and students to see the amount of words in their assignments. This tool has helped many students globally.

Some word counters only show you the brief results after counting; that's the sole total number of words are displayed on the screen whereas, we even have multiple word counters that display a bit of detailed information to assist out the writers during a better way, the tool display not only the entire number of words but also total characters, total characters without space, total syllabus, the entire number of sentences, and total paragraphs are displayed with the knowledge., this tool is well worth the attempt to must to use because it has all the above-mentioned features.

Not only this but some great versions of straightforward word counter tools also display the foremost common keywords within the text with the foremost common phrases used, which mean the phrase which is repeatedly been utilized in the text.


How to use an easy word counter?

As the name says itself, it’s an easy word counter therefore the use of this tool becomes eventually simple.

Just follow the initial steps.

Step 1: Just visit and you'll be redirected to the straightforward word counter tool.

Step 2: Copy the content that you would like to see out the number of words, after copying that content, stick with that and don’t copy the other content.

Step 3: You’ll see a dialogue box on your screen which hungry to eat all the text you copied.

Step 4: Just copy the text into that dialogue box and follow step 5.

Step 5: Hit the submit button and await the entire numbers to be displayed on the screen.

That’s how you'll easily use the straightforward word counter.


Why use an easy word counter?

The use of automated tools is making our lives easier. We all feel relieved and stress-free due to the less work we'd like to try to do.

We write content after having deep research and further making sentence structures to form the looks of content better, it takes long hours.

What if, we've to write down the content of 1500 words and that we even have to count those words manually, yeah, it seems like back-breaking, and having muscle trauma.

That’s the rationale simple word counters are here, they're able to use tools automated for a specific task, and that we can easily perform that task within seconds. Web Hosting $3.95